Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Broccoli in Goat Cheese Sauce

Hey everyone,

today I made a wonderful dish. I had some broccoli in my fridge, so I decided to combine this green veggie with a tasty, creamy goat cheese sauce. You can have this with pasta or as it is. First I wanted to make some pasta with it, but it looked so yummy and I was soooo hungry, I decided to omit the pasta and attack this dish with my hunger :D
I used goat cheese for this recipe. I'm not sure if it will work with other cheese variations, so if you try it out with Parmesan or Cheddar or the cheese of your choice, do let me know, how it turned out.

Preparation Time: 35 Min

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For 4 People


2 tsp Vegetable fond (I used instant powder, if you have freshly made, then you can use that)
750 gms Broccoli
1 tblsp Oil (I used Olive Oil, use any oil you want)
1 tblsp All purpose flour
200 gms Goat cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste
Pasta (optional)


  • Cut the broccoli is small rosettes. Add them to boiling water. Cook them for about 10 minutes till they are cooked. They shouldn't be soggy but "crisp".

  • Drain the broccoli but don't throw the water away. Add the instant vegetable fond powder and mix it.

  • Heat oil in a pan. Add All purpose flour to it and roast the flour for a minute. 

  • Add the vegetable fond water to the pan. Mix it till you don't have any lumps.
  • Add the small cut goat cheese to the mixture and mix till it dissolves. Puree the rest (I didn't puree the mixture, but you can if you don't like cheese pieces in your sauce.)

  • Add the broccoli rosettes and mix the sauce. Season with salt and pepper according to your taste.
  • Serve it hot with pasta or hot buns or have this dish as a meal.

Be careful with the seasoning while using instant vegetable fond powder as they have a high quantity of salt in them. It's always better to use fresh products :)
I used broccoli in this sauce, but you can use any veggie you like. This would also taste yummy with carrots, ppotatoes, cauliflower, to name a few.
You can also garnish this dish with a few almond flakes. That would give an extra crunch to this dish :)   

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The story behind this recipe:

My brother loves european dishes much much more compared to indian dishes. Even though he can never say no to my mom's curd rice with aloo curry, he still loves his pasta. So on a weekend when my parents were running some errads last year, I decided to cook something for him. I asked him what he would like for lunch. He said anything without the indian spices. I wanted something easy, quick and healthy but still rich in taste. AND something to satisfy his european tongue. So I searched the net and voila I found something which would fit the bill. I made this with pasta last time and the consistence of the sauce was thinner. I miss my brother and I miss my weekend lounging with him. He inspired me to try not only the indian cuisine but also the european one.


  1. I've been craving broccoli a lot lately so i'm going to try out the receipt tonight :) Love your blog!
    Please stop by my blog if you have a chance :)

    xoxo, Tiffany