Saturday, October 20, 2012

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

You've probably heard this quote a million times and thought this true too. The war between men & women has been going on for as long as anybody can remember. This post will not concentrate on everything this war compromises of, but will only concentrate on the aspect "color".

Working in a professional field where men dominate, I often have discussions about color-blindness with men and how they cannot differentiate between a soft baby-pink and a clearly bright shocking pink. No, I don't work in any fashion or artistic industry. I programme operating interfaces and I do think color schemes are important for customers who have to stare at a monitor for the better part of their day.

 I remember conversations with my professors in college as well as school who refused to do experiments with color indicators declaring it difficult to argue with women about different shades of the same colors :D.

So when I received a mail from one of my colleagues the other day about color schemes, I thought I'd share it with you dear readers. Have a look and decide for yourself, how would you define different color-schemes?  :D

Image from a forwarded mail. Thank you Mr. Anonymous

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