Monday, November 12, 2012

Murphy and me

After being in "No Man's Land" for more than a year, I finally decided it was time to change a few things...
What changes, you might ask, dear readers. So here is the whole deal:

In the past year I had gained some weight. Correction:  not some, but quite a lot of weight. I would easily go as far as comparing myself to a baby elephant *sob* *sob*. So I decided to do some sports to regain my size zero figure (sarcasm). For those who don't know me, I never was a size zero person and never will be. I'm a desperate foodie and hate all kinds of sports.

But something had to be done regarding my weight. So I put my thinking cap. 
Since it is now Fall/Winter here and that means most of the time it will be raining and cold outside. That means all kinds of outdoor activities ideas can be easily discarded. Anyways I have always hated jogging and any kind of running around activity. So what to do now?

I talked about this to my site secretary and she told me, she read about Zumba classes nearby. That's perfect I thought. I love dancing and fast paced dancing will definitely help me improve my fitness condition. The classes were Thursdays at a place I didn't know and Fridays at a place pretty close to my office. 6 p.m. sharp.

Friday came. I was excited about the classes. At sharp 5:45 p.m. I left office dressed in my sports pants and t-shirt (minus the sports shoes, but with regular shoes...long story, another post? Let me know if you are interested). Drove to the address given by my secretary. No one was there. Has the class been cancelled? was my first thought. Would be typically my luck. But I was a bit early, I consoled myself. I saw a group of guys hanging nearby and I decided to approach them to find out. I was informed that the classes alternated weekly between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. So I decided to hang around with the guys and left them as soon as I saw someone entering the community hall where the classes took place.

It was fantastic. I had a little trouble catching up with all the steps, but nothing I couldn't master with a bit of practice. The class was attended by 12 to 15 ladies all in varying ages. So no need to feel guilty or embarrassed. It was fun and I loved it.
Even though 6 Euros per class is a bit expensive for me, I was still considering going there every week, possibly even twice a week. So all was well till Friday and I went to bed with my conscience happy that I had finally done some sports. Things could only get better from here. Or so I thought.

Murphy decided to intervene. How you ask? Here is how:

Saturday morning I went for my usual home shopping buying bread, milk and the usual stuff. After that I decided to treat myself with a piece of cake since I had definitely burned a lot of calories with Zumba the previous evening. I went to the Cafe just opposite my house. Just I was entering the Cafe, I slipped a step, tripped on my own feet and down I went. My foot was swollen like a big apple. I had to cry because of the pain and all my dreamy of dancing Zumba went down the drain like my tears which were pouring down my face.

The Cafe belongs to my Landlady, so thankfully she came to my rescue. Her daughter drove me to the nearby nightmarish (Theme for another post?) hospital. I was x-rayed and to cut a long story short, my ankle is sprained. Lots of rest. Cool the damn foot. Keep the bandage on. Eat the pain killers and be put said the doctor. I can't believe Karma/ Destiny/ God/ Murphy is soooo against me. When I finally decided to do some sports, they had to come and make this happen which has made me very limited in my movement. Great, isn't it?

Why oh why did this have to happen to me????

*sob* *sob* please send a little sympathy guys? I desperately need it :(


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