Friday, May 10, 2013

Lost at work...

Hey guys...

No, I haven't abandoned the Blog yet again. I'm in Canada for some work and have been busy as hell. Long hours, fun work and the time seems to be flying.

I have been reading all your wonderful posts and enjoying them in my freetime.

Gorging on typical American food here...burgers, american style Pizzas - yes basically all kinds of junk food :/
Am afraid I'll be able to give a baby elephant a run for its money on weight issues once I get home :D

Thats all for now.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Treats

I had this for Easter. What about you guys?

Interested in the recipe?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My first Award ever!!!

First and foremost I'd like to thank Preeti Garg from for my first award ever. "Liebster" means Dearest in German. This award  is given by the blogging community to new upcoming and deserving bloggers (from Preeti's site). This is to motivate for newbie bloggers to keep up their good work and help them explore the world of blogging and other bloggers. 

I feel honoured to receive this award, specially from Preeti, who also has this wonderful site called I love this cooking site and often go there to find inspiration for my day-to-day as well as special occasions cooking.

So thanks Preeti for this wonderful award :)

Here are the details on receiving this award

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post.
  • Go to their blog and inform them about this.
  • No tag backs.

 11 Random Facts about me

  1. I love the colour baby blue.  
  2. My biggest weakness is chocolate.  
  3. I love bags. All kinds. All colours. All sizes. 
  4.   My family is my first priority.  
  5. I love cooking with my friends.  
  6. I love baking. More than cooking. Loads more.  
  7. I love the show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Charmed and any other show with magic in it.  
  8. I love Harry Potter books.
  9. My soul food is curd rice with potato curry and rasam.  
  10. I love music. I listen to all kinds of music. But mostly bollywood songs.  
  11. My dream destination in New York. I'd like to go there some day for a week (or more) long vacation.

 Questions given to me:

  • Describe you in one line? 
Dia - happy go lucky gal
  • Why do you Blog?
I joined the blogging world to write stuff happening in my life. Maybe to have something like a journal but also to find like minded people and share stuff with them.
  • What is your Aim?
Live life to the fullest - Carpe Diem. Enjoy things as long as they last and then move on to the next chapter.
  • If you have a Super Power what will you do?
The selfish, self obsessed part in me would like to make my own life better.
For other people I'd like to help kids suffering from cancer.
  • One person whom, you want to be with you all your life, why? (not parents, lover, children)
My friends because they build my support system and are always there for me.
  • The person whom you miss desperately, why?
I can't name a person. I miss my family because I'm living far away from them.
  • Most memorable moment in your life?
When my baby brother was born.
  • Social Networking in your view? 
I'm addicted to it.
  • Do you believe in Love at first sight? if no why?
No, Love at first site is infatuation and won't last for long. It's important to a person to be able to love them
  • One thing you like to change about yourself?
I would like to improve my memory power.
  • Your views on my Blog?
I love your food blog simply tadka. I love rangoli designs in your personal blog. You are very talented. Keep up the good work.

I tag:


My Questions for the lovely bloggers:  

  1.  Describe yourself in one word. 
  2. What was your motivation to start a blog? 
  3.  What is your favorite holiday destination?
  4.  Social Networking. You views?
  5. What is your comfort food?
  6.  Your favorite movie and why?
  7. Your favorite blog /blogger which you follow religiously and why?
  8. If you have a Super Power what will you do? 
  9. Your favorite TV show?
  10. One thing you would like to change about yourself?
  11. Your views about my blog?

P.S. This post has been in my draft for quite some tome. I'm sorry to post this so late. But Life happened. I hope I'll be able to blog more often now and sorry once again for the delay.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not abandoned...yet

Hey Guys,

sorry for not updating the blog in such a long time. I had shifted bases from No Man's Land to... well a new place which is not anything like No Man's Land. The city where I live is great. As you know good and bad always come together. So even though there are quite a few perks here, there are also a few things which are not so great. 

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still around and have not abadoned this baby yet. Here is hoping that I can update more often now.

Till then....Carpe Diam ;)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Broccoli in Goat Cheese Sauce

Hey everyone,

today I made a wonderful dish. I had some broccoli in my fridge, so I decided to combine this green veggie with a tasty, creamy goat cheese sauce. You can have this with pasta or as it is. First I wanted to make some pasta with it, but it looked so yummy and I was soooo hungry, I decided to omit the pasta and attack this dish with my hunger :D
I used goat cheese for this recipe. I'm not sure if it will work with other cheese variations, so if you try it out with Parmesan or Cheddar or the cheese of your choice, do let me know, how it turned out.

Preparation Time: 35 Min

Source of inspiration:

For 4 People


2 tsp Vegetable fond (I used instant powder, if you have freshly made, then you can use that)
750 gms Broccoli
1 tblsp Oil (I used Olive Oil, use any oil you want)
1 tblsp All purpose flour
200 gms Goat cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste
Pasta (optional)


  • Cut the broccoli is small rosettes. Add them to boiling water. Cook them for about 10 minutes till they are cooked. They shouldn't be soggy but "crisp".

  • Drain the broccoli but don't throw the water away. Add the instant vegetable fond powder and mix it.

  • Heat oil in a pan. Add All purpose flour to it and roast the flour for a minute. 

  • Add the vegetable fond water to the pan. Mix it till you don't have any lumps.
  • Add the small cut goat cheese to the mixture and mix till it dissolves. Puree the rest (I didn't puree the mixture, but you can if you don't like cheese pieces in your sauce.)

  • Add the broccoli rosettes and mix the sauce. Season with salt and pepper according to your taste.
  • Serve it hot with pasta or hot buns or have this dish as a meal.

Be careful with the seasoning while using instant vegetable fond powder as they have a high quantity of salt in them. It's always better to use fresh products :)
I used broccoli in this sauce, but you can use any veggie you like. This would also taste yummy with carrots, ppotatoes, cauliflower, to name a few.
You can also garnish this dish with a few almond flakes. That would give an extra crunch to this dish :)   

Sending this to:

1) Sirisfood

2) 60 Days to Christmas

3) Walking Through the Memory Lane

The story behind this recipe:

My brother loves european dishes much much more compared to indian dishes. Even though he can never say no to my mom's curd rice with aloo curry, he still loves his pasta. So on a weekend when my parents were running some errads last year, I decided to cook something for him. I asked him what he would like for lunch. He said anything without the indian spices. I wanted something easy, quick and healthy but still rich in taste. AND something to satisfy his european tongue. So I searched the net and voila I found something which would fit the bill. I made this with pasta last time and the consistence of the sauce was thinner. I miss my brother and I miss my weekend lounging with him. He inspired me to try not only the indian cuisine but also the european one.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chocolate Cake

I just love sweets. And Christmas is soon approaching which means the stores are filled with all kinds of cookies, cakes, chocolates, puddings, Lebkuchen, idea of sweet heaven. The stores are also filled with all kinds of Baking extravaganzas like food colors, marzipan decorations, chocolate delicacies...everything required for a Baking Heaven :) Maybe that's why no diets works for me ;)

While doing my daily grocery shopping, I just wanted to buy everything. Unfortunately my purse advised me not to. And I had to listen to it. Speaking of purses, I need a new one. This one is sadly going kaput. Oh I digress...sorry.

So today it the first Advent Sunday and I decided to make a chocolate cake. actually I just wanted to make a cake...then I decided to add some cocoa and voila it became a chocolate cake.
I made a few adjustments like adding cocoa and the chocolate chips.
So I'm just going to paste her recipe in black and the adjustments I did, I will add in in blue.
So, lets start:

Ingredients for Sponge - for 8" pan serves 10
(Please Read Notes Below)

All Purpose Flour/ Maida 1 and 1/2 Cup (200 gms)
Granulated Sugar - 3/4 cup (165 gms)
Plain yogurt (curd) - 1 cup (250 ml) ~ I used Onken, at room temperature
Baking Soda - 1/2 tsp
Baking powder - 1 and 1/4 tsp
Vanilla essence - 1 ad 1/2 tsp
Cooking oil - 1/2 Cup 
Milk - 1 tbsp (for brushing on top)
Cocoa Powder - 1/2 cup 
Chocolate Chips - desired amount 

  • Preheat oven to 350F / 180C and grease an 8" cake pan (or loaf pan) with some butter or oil and set aside. In a bowl sift the flour and cocoa and set aside.
  • In another large bowl beat the yogurt with a spoon to remove any lumps and add the sugar to it, beat again and wait for the sugar to dissolve well, this would take 5 mins. Now add the baking powder and baking soda to it. Beat again and set aside for 5 mins until you see small bubbles on the surface of the mixture.


  • Its time to add the vanilla extract and oil. Mix well until the ingredients are combined. Now add the flour in 3 batches, gently fold the mixture using a whisk or rubber spatula (or even a wooden spoon) until you see no more bubbles/streaks of flour. Add the chocolate chips and fold carefully. Pour into the prepared pan and tap it firmly on the counter top a couple times to get rid of the air bubbles

  • Bake in center of a pre-heated oven for 30-35 mins until the top turns a golden brown and a tooth pick inserted into the centre of the cake comes out with dry crumbs. Brush the milk on top. Let the cake sit in the pan for 15 minutes and then invert it onto a cooling rack for 3 hours and later decorate with desired icing. 

  • My cake broke while I was trying to take it out, so I had to improvise a bit. I used store bought chocolate icing and prepared it according to the instructions on the packet. Decorate it with chocolate chips, chocolate scraps, almond scraps or any way you wish :)


- Don't let the cake mix sit for too long outside before baking, it might end up in a hard cake
- use flavourless oil and make sure you use good quality vanilla essence
- make sure that curd is in room temperature

I would like to thank Priya didi for this wonderful recipe. It was easy, fun, and quick to make. Plus I didn't need any extra kitchen machines which is always a priority for me.

Have fun trying out this recipe and adding your own flavors to this wonderful basic recipe.

Wishing all a very happy first advent :)

Sending this to:

1) Sirisfood

2) 60 Days to Christmas 

3) Walking Through the Memory Lane

The story behind this recipe: 

I’m linking this event to Gayatri didi’s „Walking through the memory lane“

This is the first time ever I’m spending the “Advent time” away from my family. In Germany the 24 days before Christmas is called the Advent time. Eventhough we are hindus and don’t celebrate Christmas as Germans do, this time is still special to us. During this time we visit friends, have potlucks and generally spend time with friends and then celebrate Christmas with Family only.

In this time my mom and me bake loads of goodies like Christmas cookies and cakes. Every year we try something special from the german baking finery. Last year we tried coconut mackronen, the year before vanilla kipfern , etc etc. This year I’m not at home and can’t bake any goodies with my mom. I was a bit sad but thankfully my vacation got sanctioned and I can go home just before Christmas but still in time to spend the Christmas days with my family. This year we want to try out a Walnut White Chocolate Cake. I have already printed out the recipe and asked my mom to stock on the ingredients. I can’t wait for the 23rd, so that I can finally be with my family and enjoy the goodies :).

But before that I wanted to recreate the special feeling of Advent and baked this delicious chocolate cake without eggs. It not only looks yummy but also tastes awesome and is quick & easy to make. As soon as I was done, I sent my mom the pic via facebook telling her I miss everyone at home sooooo much.

I’m planning to take this cake to office tomorrow and enjoy it with my colleagues, my “make-believe” family here. Hopefully they will appreciate my efforts :) 

Reposted to add:

Sending this recipe to: Nivedhanam's Let’s Party – Eggless Bakes and Treats


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt...

Advent, Advent,
Lichtlein brennt!
Erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier,
steht das Christkind vor der Tür!

It's the first of December and I'm really excited. I'll driving back home on 22nd Dec to my family and friends. For a two week vacation. For Christmas and for New Year's. Aaaaawwweeesooommmeee!!!!

Yesterday evening it started snowing here in East Germany. Everything is covered in powdery white snow and looks so serene and beautiful. Unfortunately it will also mean scratching the car to rid it of snow on Monday morning before work and waking up 10 minutes earlier to do that. Hmm...every coin has two sides, right?

I'm looking forward to this Christmas festival season. I still thinking about what presents to get, not only for friends and family but also for me. Everyone is allowed to splurge once in while, isn't it?

I'm looking forward to spend time with my family drinking hot chocolate, watching movies, baking, cooking and eating mom's food. Everything I missed doing while staying away from home and not being able to do.

So here's wishing everyone a happy first Advent. What are your plans for this holiday season?