Sunday, August 12, 2012


I was sooo excited to start this blog. Before (starting this Blog) I had thousands of thoughts & ideas I wanted to write about. At night, before going to bed, I'd think of all the things jumbled in my head I would like to write about if I had a Blog. And now that I finally have a Blog, somehow all my ideas have gone on a holiday.

Brain on Holiday from

While searching for some pics to support my state of mind, I came across this Blog from Becky Gabriel. I’d like to categorize this Blog as an Art Blog.
If you like landscapes and fruit bowls and cute animal stills, this is the wrong place. But if you like fun pictures as well as fun posts this is the right page to read. ( I just scrolled through a few posts and I can already say that this girl is amazingly talented and extremely funny.)  I’m looking forward to add this to my must read Blog-List and would like to recommend it to others too. The pics are cartoons and I’m bowled over by the creativity in her posts.

Where do people get all their creativity from? This brings me back to my original problem: Writer's Block. So how do other Bloggers cope up with lack of ideas? Bloggers, who have been writing for years and years? I have just published one post and am already thinking of abandoning this Blog. But that wouldn't be fun and not me. So this post will be random rambling and hopefully by next post my brain will be back from holiday, well relaxed and ready to write.

So in this hope...wishing everyone a nice, relaxing Sunday :)

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