Monday, August 6, 2012

First Post - The Namkaran

My first post on this Blog...FINALLY!!! :)

I’ve been wanting to write one since I started my new job, but somehow I was always able to find one excuse or another…I'm the queen of procrastination. Seriously if there was a discipline in Olympic Sports in Procrastination, I'll probably get all golds. Or if it was a subject in school, I'll get all A's. I'm so good at it :D.

But now I have finally decided to pull up my socks and start writing.

I had a lot of trouble deciding a name for my blog. Since this won't be a theme related blog like about cooking or tech stuff I wasn't sure what to name it.
Ramblings or thoughts about day to day life are going to be my main topics. But the tag "rambling" was already taken by quite a few bloggers so my search was still going on till I decided to name my blog "".

Why this name? Well, I actually like the idea of scrapbook. It has something universal about it. It can be about anything and nothing. Little things that happen in my life, which I find interesting enough to blog about.
And Carpe-diam? Well for all people with spellcheck OCD, I know it's Carpe-Diem, which basically means "seize the day" or as I would like to interpret it: "live life to the fullest". 
My blog says diAM for a reason. Dia is my first name and M is the first letter in my last name. Clever, huh?

P.S.: For the uninitiated...Namkaran is an indian tradition where a new born is named. I consider this blog my baby, hence the title. A bit cheesy? Maybe. But I like it. :D

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