Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cooking and Me

I must admit I'm not a good cook. I mostly manage with pastas, curd rice and maybe an occasional khichdi. That's all. But I love eating. I am a huuuge Foodie (Not only in my passion for Food but unfortunately because of this addiction also in size). I love trying new dishes in restaurants and watch cooking shows rigorously. I not only love prominent shows like Jamie Oliver, Khana Khazana but also shows where normal people share their cooking secret like Das Perfekte Dinner etc.

On Internet I love Cooking Blogs. I have about 4 blogs on my Blog roll I check out whenever I see an update and quite a few Blogs I check sporadically. So when I saw this post from, I decided to repost it and try my hand at cooking and posting about it. I'm not sure what  I'm going to cook, if it will be tasty at all, will I be able to eat it or will it land in the dustbin (like the Belchamel Sauce I tried to make last week). I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do is bravery or bravery bordering on foolishness. But after following Siri's Blog for quite some time I would like to give this a try. Anyways after my small stunt with the step I don't really have anything better to do and need something new to get out of my boredom. What can be better than not only trying some cooking but also gaining some weight (as if I'm super slim or something :/) :D

Giveaway @Sirisfood

No, I'm not in this for the Giveaway, even though I wouldn't mind gifting my mother this machine where you make noodles out of idlis *hint hint*. Why my mom and not me, you ask? Well she is the cooking brain in the family I swear. Apparently cooking genes skip generations in my family. My great-grandmother was an amazing cook, so my granny turned out to be lazy and only made the essentials. My mom loves cooking and experimenting and I turned out to be the kind of person who cooks only the essential minimum. Seriously, I consider warming a pizza or a pre-cooked dish cooking and am an expert at that :D In my defence, there is heat involved so that's cooking and thats my logic, so don't argue with me, ok? Ok :)

Since my weekend starts tomorrow and to my utter displeasure it has already started snowing in "No Mans Land", I have decided to start my "Adventures with Cooking" from tomorrow. Lets see if I can consequently follow my plans, as I'm a big procrastinator.

So here's to @Sirisfood and to my "Adventures with Cooking"...cheers :)


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