Friday, November 23, 2012

It's raining....Giveaways

Its the festival season. What with Diwali which just whooshed by and Thanksgiving knocking on your door and Christmas and New Year just round the corner. Apparently its Giveaway season too. Coz quite a few cooking blogs are holding some fantastic Giveaways, specially for all who are in India. Some Giveaways and due to the festive season and some are blog anniversaries. I'm posting the links to the sites. Please do have a look and enjoy all the delicacies. Don't forget to leave a "Happy Birthday Blog" Wish while you are checking out these awesome blogs.

You will be directed to the Giveaway Announcement Page by clicking at the Logo.

1)  First one up is 
Thanksgiving Giveaway

2) Then there is 

First Anniversay Giveaway

I already posted about this Giveaway here. So please checkout that post as well.

3)  For all Coffee-Lovers there is a Giveaway at

Blog-iversary Giveaway

4) I read about Divya and Priya's Christmas and New Years Giveaway

60 Days to Christmas

So this is all I know about. If you have any new Giveaways please do leave me a comment and let me know. I'll feature it in my list too.
Happy Cooking, Happy Blogging and Happy Participating :)

 Edited to add: 

5) Littlefoodjunction's Giveaway 

Littlefoodjunction' Festive Giveaway 

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