Saturday, November 17, 2012

Worst Week Ever

This has probably been my worst week ever. First I sprained my ankle. Meaning I can't drive, I can't walk properly, I cant stand on my feet for more than five minutes coz that hurts my feet. I'm having trouble sleeping coz I can't place my legs the way I would like to coz that too hurts my leg *surprise surprise*. But somehow I was managing. I still went to work coz I had too much on my plate and want to finish as soon as possible so that I can leave "No Man's Land". I asked one of my colleagues to pick me up and drop me back home  It would get better soon I said to myself.

Then my boss informed me, he will be visiting my workplace to asses my work progress. Sort of like a test. I am seriously nervous about that. I haven't been to visit the contract site for quite a few weeks as I had a lot of work to do in control room. He will probably have a lot of questions about the site and that has been giving been jitters, panic attacks and sleepless nights (and coz of the leg-pain too) for the past week. And how am I supposed to show him around with my injured leg?

Then I had an infection in my ears which made my hearing abilities pretty questionable. It wasn't anything serious, or at least I think it isn't. I haven't had the time to go to doctor for another check-up. 

If you though that was the last there is more...

Worst of all is that today my mobile slipped out of my hand and my screen is broken. I'm still able to receive calls and call people for now...unfortunately I don't know for how long this will work. And I don't know if my alarm will work. How am I supposed to wake up in the morning without that? I can't buy myself a new one coz the nearest electronic shop is like 40 kms away and I can't drive, remember?

I know it might sound shallow, but I can live with arm, leg and heart break...but ask me to live without technology (car, mobile, Internet) and I'll go bonkers.

How will I survive in "No Man's Land" till end of 2012 without my trusted phone???? *sob sob*

Yes, Murphy loves me...

P.S. Because of all these developments I'm putting "Adventures with Cooking" on hold. May be I'll come back to it, if things get better. Knowing my luck, the chances seem pretty grim :(

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